a) the 2nd binyan: the active conjugation pi’el
b) abbreviations

Hebrew abbreviations show a double quote before the last letter of the word.


abroadחוץ לארץחו"ל
(outside the country)-chutz laaretzchul
Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)צבא הגנה לישראלצה"ל
tzwa+haganah le-yisra'eltzahal
supreme court בית המשפט הגבוה לצדק בג"ץ
bet+ha-mishpat ha-gavoha le-tzedekbagatz
reportדין וחשבוןדו"ח, דווח
(lit: treatise and account)din ve-cheshbondoch, divuach
to reportמדווח