a) the 7 conjugations of verbs – ha-binyanim
b) the genitive (eg king Lear’s death)
c) the possessive pronoun (my, your, his etc.)
d) the possessive ending appended to the noun
e) forming the accusative with the preposition et
f) the first binyan: the active conjugation pa’al

By adding a possessive ending to the preposition ofshel, you get the possessive pronoun my, your etc.

shel + endingmalefemalemalefemale
1st personmyשליourשלנו
2nd personyourשלךשלךyourשלכםשלכן
3rd personhis / herשלושלהtheirשלהםשלהן
sheloshelahshelahem shelahen


The possessive pronoun is always placed after the noun.

my husbandha-ba'al sheliהבעל שלי
your girlfriendha-chaverah shelachהחברה שלך
our bossha-menahel shelanuהמנהל שלנו