a) yeshthere is and enthere is not
b) the verb to have
c) the dative, formed with the preposition le-to
d) more verbs
e) more prepositions
f) the merging of prepositions and personal pronouns (eg because of him, after you)
g) interrogative sentences without question word begin with ha-im

A statement becomes a question if the word ha’im precedes the sentence.


statementinterrogative sentence
.ילדיך מכורים לאינטרנט?האם ילדיך מכורים לאינטרנט
yaldecha mechurim la-internetha’im yaldecha mechurim la-internet?
Your children are addicted to the internet.Are your children addicted to the internet?
.המשבר נגמר?האם המשבר נגמר
ha-mashber nigmarha’im ha-mashber nigmar?
The crisis has finished.Has the crisis finished?
.אתה קונה מוצרים אורגניים?האם אתה קונה מוצרים אורגניים
atah koneh motzarim organi'im.ha’im atah koneh motzarim organi'im?
You buy organic products.Do you buy organic products?

In the spoken language ha’im is used little. Instead, the cadence is changed so that the sentence is understood as a question.

?אתה רעב
atah ra'ev?
are you hungry?
?יש שיעור מחר
yesh shi’ur machar?
Is there class tomorrow?