a) yeshthere is and enthere is not
b) the verb to have
c) the dative, formed with the preposition le-to
d) more verbs
e) more prepositions
f) the merging of prepositions and personal pronouns (eg because of him, after you)
g) interrogative sentences without question word begin with ha-im

in be-, ba- (=be-ha-)ב-throughderechדרך
in, insidebe-toch, tochבתוך, תוךwithoutbliבלי
from, thanmi-, minמ-, מןwithimעם
on, aboutalעלbecause ofbiglalבגלל
next to al-yad, le-yadעל-יד,לידagainstnegedנגד
betweenbenביןaccording tolefiלפי
after, behindachareh, me-achorehאחרי, מאחוריdespitelamrotלמרות
before, in front oflifnehלפניat etzelאצל


within two weekstoch shvu'ayimתוך שבועיים
under the chairtachat ha-kisehתחת הכסא
next to the buildingal-yad ha-binyanעל-יד הבניין
with mommyim imaעם אמא
opposite the post officemul ha-do’arמול הדואר
without moneybli kesefבלי כסף
against Syrianeged suria נגד סוריה