a) yeshthere is and enthere is not
b) the verb to have
c) the dative, formed with the preposition le-to
d) more verbs
e) more prepositions
f) the merging of prepositions and personal pronouns (eg because of him, after you)
g) interrogative sentences without question word begin with ha-im

The dative is formed with the preposition tole-. This prefix is placed before the noun and merged with it. to thele + ha is shortened to la.

I travel to Germany..אני נוסע לגרמניה
ani nose’a le-germania
The beduin gives water to the camel. .הבדוי נותן מיים לגמל
ha-bedui noten mayim la-gamal
Lara has a driver’s licence.ללרה יש רשיון
(there is a driver’s licence to Lara)le-lara yesh rishayon
He doesn’t answer to the teacher.הוא לא עונה למורה
hu lo oneh la-moreh
Go to hell!!לך לעזאזל
lech la-azazel