a) yeshthere is and en – there is not
b) the verb to have
c) the dative, formed with the preposition le-to
d) more verbs
e) more prepositions
f) the merging of prepositions and personal pronouns (eg because of him, after you)
g) interrogative sentences without question word begin with ha-im

Two syllables are very frequent in Hebrew: yeshthere is and enthere is not.


Is there food??יש אוכלnever mindאין דבר
yesh ochel?lit. „there is no thing“en davar
There is no room.אין מקוםthere is no point (to…)אין טעם
en makom( ta'am : purpose, taste)en ta'am
What’s up??מה ישIs there no coke??אין קולה
mah yesh?en kola?