a) the adjective (eg small, big)
b) the position of the adjective after the noun
c) adjectives with the male ending –i, female –it
d) degrees of adjectives (eg good, better, best)
e) The dual-plural (eg oznayimears)

Very simple: prefix to the adjective the word yoter (more) and you get the comparative (eg: better, higher, faster). The word hachi (the most) before an adjective turns it into a superlative (eg the best, highest, fastest).

betteryoter tovיותר טוב
the besthachi tovהכי טוב


the best momהאמא ההכי טובה
ha-ima ha-hachi tovah
I run faster than you (lit. “from you”) אני רץ יותר מהר ממך
ani ratz yoter maher mimchah
The enemy of the good is the betterהאויב של הטוב הוא היותר טוב.
ha-oyev shel ha-tov hu ha-yoter tov