a) the adjective (eg small, big)
b) the position of the adjective after the noun
c) adjectives with the male ending –i, female –it
d) degrees of adjectives (eg good, better, best)
e) The dual-plural (eg oznayimears)

A group of adjectives has the ending -i :

Adjectives with the male ending –i, female –it often denote the affiliation to a nation or a religion. The female ending –it also designates a language.

noun or adjective noun or adjective m language: adjective f
a German, German germaniגרמניgermanitגרמנית
an Englishman, Englishangli אנגליanglitאנגלית
a Russian, Russianrusiרוסיrusitרוסית
an Arab, Arabic araviערביaravitערבית
a Hebrew, Hebrewivriעבריivritעברית
noun femalecountry (different stress)
a German germaniahgermaniaגרמניה
an Englishwomanangliahangliaאנגליה
a Russianrusiahrusiaרוסיה
an Arab faraviahערביה
a Jewess yehudiahיהודיה
a Christian fnozriahנוצריה(lit. Nazerene)

Also nouns can become adjectives with the ending -i

moneykesefכסף financialkaspiכספי
destiny, fategoralגורלfatefulgoraliגורלי
world olamעולםworld olamiעולמי

and finally foreign words end in –i – in Hebrew: milim lo’aziotnot-asian words, stressed on the next to last syllable.