a) the adjective (eg small, big)
b) the position of the adjective after the noun
c) adjectives with the male ending –i, female –it
d) degrees of adjectives (eg good, better, best)
e) The dual-plural (eg oznayimears)

An adjective is always placed after the noun and conforms in number and gender to the noun. The male form is generally also used as an adverb (example: he runs fast)


the small childha-yeled ha-katanהילד הקטן
a small child yeled katanילד קטן
the child is small ha-yeled katanהילד קטן
the good boyha-bachur ha-tovהבחור הטוב
the girl is prettyha-bachurah yafahהבחורה יפה
tough men anashim kashimאנשים קשים
nice relativeskrovim nechmadimקרובים נחמדים
adverb: he runs fasthu ratz maherהוא רץ מהר