a) the future tense of the binyan nif’al
b) the future of the binyan pu’al
c) the future of the binyan huf’al

pu’al is the passive conjugation of pi’el. The future of pu’al – as also the binyan pu’al – is little used in colloquial Hebrew. However, you will find forms in the media, eg:

מקלארן יפוטר אם אנגליה תפסיד לישראל
maklaren yefutar im anglia tafsid le-yisra’el
McLaren will be sacked, if England loses to Israel.

future of pu’al: the pi’el-verb mefater – to dismiss, lay off

singular1 st person2 nd person3 rd person
Iyou myou fheshe
will be dismissedwill be dismissedwill be dismissed
plural1 st person2 nd person3 rd person
will be dismissed will be dismissedwill be dismissed