a) the verb to become: the nif’al of to be
b) to become in colloquial Hebrew: hofech, nehefach, ne’eßah
c) the 6th binyan: pu’al
d) the 7th binyan: huf’al

pu’al is the passive conjugation of the binyan pi’el.

aktive binjanimpassive binyanim
pa’alפעל nif'alנפעל
pi’elפיעל >   pu'alפועל
hif'ilהפעיל >   huf'alהופעל

pu’al is little used in spoken Hebrew. pu’al appears only in past and future tense, not in the present.

Frequent is also the participle passive as metupaltreated, patient

pu’al: passive of the pi’el-verb mefater – to lay off

singular1st person2st person3st person
Iyou myou fheshe
was laid offwere laid offwas laid off
pluralweyou myou fsie
were laid offwere laid offwere laid off

In newpapers you will find pu’al above all in the 3rd person past tense.

The patient was treated successfully..החולה טופל בהצלחה
ha-choleh tupal be-hatzlachah