a) pronunciation and transliteration
b) installing Hebrew script on your computer
c) the hebrew alphabet
d) learning the alphabet while singing
e) vocalization – nikud
f) soft and hard consonants: v/b, ch/k, f/ps and sh
g) full and defective spelling

dagesh: turns the following soft consonants into hard ones. Note: as a rule these letters are soft when in the word and hard when at the beginning of a word.

  • בּ  – b – bet – with a dot (hard), בv -vet without a dot (soft)
  • כּ k – kaf – with a dot (hard), כ ch – chaf – without a dot (soft)
  • פּ p – pe – with a dot (hard), פ f – fe – without a dot (soft)

a dot is used to discern a sh from an s:

  • שׁ sh – shin with the dot on the right dent
  • שׂ s – sin (voiceless as in stress) with the dot on the left dent. This letter is rare. Mostly the voiceless s appears in Hebrew as a samech ס.