a) pronunciation and transliteration
b) installing Hebrew script on your computer
c) the hebrew alphabet
d) learning the alphabet while singing
e) vocalization – nikud
f) soft and hard consonants: v/b, ch/k, f/ps and sh
g) full and defective spelling

If you want to write Hebrew on your computer without changing installations try http://www.mikledet.com – it’s stunning!
This is a simple instruction to install Hebrew script on your computer. To implement it you need the windows XP Installation CD.

Once Hebrew is installed according to this instruction, clicking on the HE symbol (HEbrew) on the task bar will allow you to write in Hebrew. You can click on the Hebrew letters on a faded in virtual keyboard or use it as an orientation to type Hebrew on your real key board. Advantage: no extra keyboard needed, no stickers, swift change from English to Hebrew and back.
Don’t forget to click on the symbol “from right to left” before writing Hebrew. You will find it on the symbol bar “format”. In order to return to English simply click on the EN symbol (English) and on “left to right”.


  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Time, language and region select
  3. Region and language. Now go to a small window, you choose it in the top Menu and keyboard language
  4. “Change keyboard” – Select “Hebrew.” Now opens a new window. In it you choose the “Add”
  5. Select language / keyboard: Hebrew – Keyboard: Hebrew and click OK to confirm.

Now you can play down in the short bar and select HE Hebrew writing. If you are the short bar icon for the keyboard and clicking the cursor over it to ride with, the German keyboard is transformed into a Hebrew. Now you can either use the letters on the keyboard can click on the screen or your computer keyboard Hebrew to write about. Do you want to go back to German, clicking in the bar just short of HE and change to DE.