After completing A-levels at the grammar school in Basel Switzerland ( in 1968 I spent one year in Israel where I worked in kibbutzim and learned Hebrew. Back in Switzerland my knowledge of Hebrew reached after various futile attempts over the years a level, which today allows me to read and write Hebrew besides speaking and understanding it.

As I saw over all the years many textbooks which I didn’t like, I decided to create a course myself. The product was this website. The target users are people who have already made some more or less successful attempts to grasp the essence of Hebrew.

When the course was written, my next problem was to find somebody, who could make it into an attractive website. Also this took various attempts. In fact every web designer / programmer told me, that my request was a simple one, but I ended up with unusable and expensive half finished products. This went on until my turkish friend, factotum and multitalent Oender Oendas ( took over together with his wife Semra Oendas and created this site. Thank you, Semra and Oender.

Thanks to my niece Sarah Shiri Epstein for singing the alef-bet song in lesson 1d) – what a beautiful voice!

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Daniel Epstein